Acai Berry Powder

The Acai berry known as the world’s most beneficial superfood, has recently been taking the world by storm with its amazing health benefits, including: weight management, improvements in energy, improvements with digestion, helping detoxification, improving skin appearance, improving heart health, reducing the signs of aging, and the reduction of cholesterol levels.

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1.Specification of Acai Berry Powder

  • Product name: Acai Berry Extract
  •  Latin Name:  Euterpe Oleracea L.
  • Part of Used:  Fruit
  • Appearance: Dark violet Fine Powder
  • Shelf life: 2 Years

2. Benefits of Acai Berry Powder

  • Acai berry increase energy, provide a powerful antioxidant protection.
  • Acai berry support the normal cell cycle and cell integrity.
  • Acai berry maintain good cardiovascular health.
  • Acai berry support healthy immune function.
  • Acai berry help to improve memory.
  • Acai berry promote healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Acai berry promote the adjustment of normal enzymes and hormones.